About Us

Arangül Company was established in 1982 as a rooted company.

We started our new factory with a total of 36,000 square meters of factory construction and a total of 110 acres in recent history.

To be able to catch up with the fastest time and modern technology, we have always produced 50 new products that are registered by our company.

Currently, 70 units of injection molding machine for servo motors, 10 cnc machining machines, nearly 400 molds and 5,000 tons of raw material processing capacity per year, the exporters union for the last 5 years states that we are the most exporting company and the best product awarded as a production company.

Both Production Phase of both overseas seriously sales Distance Articulated Ground Built 1500 Number of customers in Turkey overseas , 55 countries in nearly 150 Dealer Network with the last five years Every year . We offer new products and cataract and New portfolio of clients abroad.


Our goal is to have the largest Injection, printing and manufacturing facility in Ankara to build, our national value cataract, and the best producers in Turkey with high quality products for brand owners in all the world markets like a warning to the country.

long time ago, Bibi saw that our company considered in a very short period of our huge future investments, our industry at the highest levels by increasing our employment and adding to our country, we will continue to add value to our country . We can add something to our country We thank all the employees who accompany us while working on our long way, to our wholesalers and our end users. Sincerely.

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