Clamp Saddle With Galvanized Stainless Steel Ring and PP Side Locking Nut (All Plastic, No Corrosion and Easy Connection)

AP51050 x 1/2"100120
AP51150 x 3/4"100120
AP51250 x 1"100120
AP51363 x 1/2"7595
AP51463 x 3/4"7595
AP51563 x 1"7595
AP51675 x 1/2"5060
AP51775 x 3/4"5060
AP51875 x 1"5060
AP51990 x 1/2"4555
AP52090 x 3/4"4555
AP52190 x 1"4555
AP522110 x 1/2"3540
AP523110 x 3/4"3540
AP524110 x 1"3540

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