Female Elbow With Galvanized Stainless Steel Ring

AP840020 x 1/2"400500
AP840120 x 3/4"400500
AP840225 x 1/2"240300
AP840325 x 3/4"240300
AP840425 x 1"200250
AP840532 x 3/4"140175
AP840632 x 1"140175
AP840740 x 1"80110
AP840840 x 1¼"80110
AP840950 x 1¼''4575
AP841050 x 1½''4575
AP841150 x 2"4570
AP841263 x 1½''3345
AP841363 x 2"3340
AP841475 x 2"2028
AP841575 x 2½"2028
AP841690 x 2½"1015
AP841790 x 3"1015
AP8418110 x 3"79
AP8419110 x 4"79
AP8420125 x 5"11

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